About Us

We got married.

We quit our jobs in Hollywood.

We moved to Colorado.

Now we hike.

Now we fish.

Now we blog.

We love talking about hiking, backpacking and fishing almost as much as we love to hike, backpack and fish. We provide exact directions to all our hiking and fishing spots, because we want you to be able to experience all the wonders we have had the chance to. You heard that right– no SECRET fishing spots here! We figure there’s enough water and trail to go around in this world so there’s no point in keeping it all to ourselves.

If you click on the links, about 90% of them go to a uniquely hilarious surprise. One of our favorite things about writing this blog is hiding these easter eggs for you to find. The other 10% of our links are to provide visual definitions for beginners to help them figure out things like what the heck a Blue Wing Olive Parachute is. Hopefully you find our hilarious links hilarious, and our helpful links helpful.

We welcome the notion of guest bloggers! If you are interested please feel free to email us at TheEglisOutdoors@Gmail.com with your idea. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy trails and happy fishing!

– Andre & Crystal


  1. Way cool. Maybe “unofficial guide”

    Since I’m never going to go backpacking again I
    Would love to see California, etc, in your guide rounding out your knowledge base, giving me the vicarios skinny on the experience. You know, all the sappy stuff.



  2. Hey! How do I subscribe?! You all ROCK MY SOCKS!


  3. Update: The button has now been changed to “Click here to follow!” You should be able to sign up with just your email address even if you don’t have a WordPress site.


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