Treat Yourself to Epic Fishing!

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By Andre Egli

Well, it’s the middle of February and I’m developing fishing withdrawal.  When Colorado freezes, only a few tail waters remain open to the fly fisherman.  On top of that, my waders have developed a hole.  I don’t know if you’ve ever discovered a hole in your waders while standing in 40 degree water, as snow falls from the sky, but it’s not enjoyable.  With wading off the table, my tail water options were further reduced, and although I made return treks to places I’ve been before; Waterton Canyon and Estes Park, I figured I wouldn’t repeat myself but talk about something new.

As I’ve struggled through my withdrawal, while waiting for my new waders to arrive (they’re now on back order ARGH!), I’ve been thinking a lot about all the places I’ve yet to fish in this great state, which got me to thinking about all the places I haven’t fished in this great country, which made me think about all the places I haven’t fished on this planet.  Let’s just say that’s a lot of places.  The world is a huge place and it has amazing outdoor opportunities waiting for you just about anywhere you look.  So, I say, treat yourself to a special fishing trip at least once in your life.


Crystal Fishing in Florida

I’m not saying drive 3 hours to a famous river, that’s great and all but, I’m saying REALLY treat yourself to something amazing.  I’m saying fly to South America and fish for monster trout in Patagonia.  Explore the Caribbean in search of giant tarpon and bonefish.  Travel to Mongolia and go after the largest trout on the planet, the taimen.  Fly into the remote parts of Canada and Alaska in pursuit of giant pike, walleye, and salmon.  Fly to Australia and hunt for giant blue marlin on the Great Barrier Reef.  Raft through the Grand Canyon fishing all the while.  Hike into the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to hunt for the beautiful and elusive golden trout.  Any of these options is a great jumping off point, just make it epic!

You only live once and if you love fishing as much as I do, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something special that you’ll remember forever.  People always talk about their dream vacation to Italy or France or Australia.  I’m not saying don’t take that dream vacation, I’m saying also take a dream fishing trip.  You could even combine the two, do all the sightseeing Frommer’s tells you too then take a few extra days to do some epic fishing!


Northern Pike – Granite Lake, Ontario Canada

I have to admit that I have been spoiled in this instance, as I’ve taken several amazing fly in fishing trips to Canada with my father.  If that sounds like your cup of tea you can learn about where I went HERE.  Those trips are all etched in my mind, and I’ll remember them forever.  I remember the huge fish I caught, the time my cousin took off from the dock without a gas tank in his boat, the time my dad and uncle got too close to a seagull’s nest and were dive bombed with bird poop, I remember the time the plane took off and the back door came unlocked forcing my dad to act fast to pull it closed, plus all the magical moose, bear, and caribou encounters.  Some moments were great, some were scary, and some were funny but I remember them all vividly.

Kern 13

Kern River – Sierra Nevada Mountains

So treat yourself at least once, before it’s too late.  I guarantee you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.  Trips like the ones I’ve suggested are never cheap, but the memories you’ll make will be worth every penny.  If you have a fellow family member that loves fishing as much as you do, go together.  The best part of my fishing trek to Canada was that I went with my dad.  I’m not sure where my next epic journey will take me but marlin fishing, Alaska, Patagonia, and tarpon fishing all sound great to me.  Regardless of where you go or what you catch, I promise you won’t regret your decision to make the trek.  So, I’ll say it one last time, treat yourself, make it epic, and enjoy every moment of it!  Until next time, happy fishing!

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