Fishing Wilson Creek – Lizard Head Wilderness

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By Andre Egli

I try to keep my fishing blogs informative and useful.  I do my best to guide people to good spots and give them tips regarding which flies to use for the best results.  However, this post is not one of those; rather it’s a public service announcement of the utmost importance.

In a beautiful meadow in the Lizard Head Wilderness not far from Telluride, Colorado flows a lovely little stream called Wilson Creek (location of creek HERE).  Before heading there I did extensive internet research but learned very little about the creek and what it provided the angler.  I even called a local fly shop and they told me they’d never fished it or heard of anyone fishing it, but didn’t see why there wouldn’t be fish there.


Wilson Creek – Lizard Head Wilderness

So, this appears to be the first published fishing report for Wilson Creek in Lizard Head Wilderness, and it’s going to be a very short report.

There are no fish in Wilson Creek.  Leave your rod at home.  Sure, if you use Google earth or even visit the creek in person, it looks like it should be home to some native cutthroats or brook trout, but alas the creek in the meadow is barren.  I walked along the creek throughout Wilson Meadow and saw no evidence of any fish whatsoever.

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By all means, make the hike and enjoy the scenery.  It is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife, just no trout.  So, to reiterate, there are no fish in Wilson Creek (or at least in the Wilson Meadow section).  So ends this public service announcement from The Eglis Outdoors.  Until next time, happy fishing! (Unless you’re at Wilson Creek, because there are no fish in Wilson Creek.)

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