GEAR REVIEW: BlobFish Polarized Sunglasses

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By Crystal Egli

I have been waiting to write about my favorite polarized sunglasses since I got them a year ago. Both stylish and functional, not only are Blobfish sunglasses my absolute favorite outdoor accessory, but the company is amazing too. Let’s dig in.


Yup. That’s my face.

I have a pair of fancy $120 Marc Jacobs sunglasses that I love and cherish, but no WAY would I take those bushwhacking up a mountain. I don’t even casually rest them on top of my head for fear of scratching them on random things. (I regularly hit my head on a surprising amount of hard surfaces.) The warranty is long gone and if I scratched those babies I’d scream so loud the wildlife would run off to Wyoming. I need a pair of sunglasses in my life that are durable, affordable, have awesome polarization for when I’m on the water, and have a great warranty/return policy because I’m a total klutz. Enter Blobfish.

BlobFish Sunglasses.png

Owned by Matt Edgar, BlobFish is a small business that prides itself in quality sunglasses at an affordable price with expert customer service. I purchased my first pair at last year’s Fly Fishing Rendezvous, where they had an amazing booth set up and incredibly friendly staff members. They weren’t just there to sell sunglasses, they were making personal connections. I tried on a pair and immediately made the purchase.


BlobFish Polarized Sunglasses at the Fly Fishing Rendezvous

I wore these glasses everywhere. I wore them in the car, I wore them hiking, I wore them fishing, I wore my suuuuuun glasses at night. They don’t look like dumb sporty sunglasses— they look awesome on just about any face shape, man or woman. I. Loved. Them. And then they broke.


My BlobFish sunglasses have traveled all over the country with me. Here we are together in Florida.

I have no idea how my sunglasses broke, I just picked them up one day and the frame on top was split into two. My cries could be heard from miles away. I hopped on the BlobFish website to buy a replacement pair, when I saw this:


“A 100% satisfaction guarantee? Hmm, maybe I’ll give that a try first.” So I tweeted to @BlobFishGang and was like…

Blobfish Tweet.PNG


Is that customer service or what? Note how I admitted that I *could* have broken them myself, no fault of their manufacturing, but they didn’t care! They sent a new pair in the mail, didn’t even charge me any shipping, and that was that. I did send them a picture of my broken pair, which they didn’t ask me to, because I wanted to show them I wasn’t just making it up. They appreciated it. They tweeted back a tracking number and a few days later I had a new pair of sunglasses in hand. Amazing.



These sunglasses will help you catch more fish. Not really. But it sounds good.

So then I lost that pair while on vacation, and was forced to actually buy another pair. But at only $29, it wasn’t a big deal.

Not only are these great lenses in stylish frames, sold by folks who who have excellent customer service– these guys use your purchase dollars for good causes. From their website:

Blobfish Charity.png

So if you’re looking for a pair of solid polarized lenses that won’t break your budget, check these guys out. They’ll do right by you.

Interested in buying a pair? Click here!

– C. Egli

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  1. Wow. Great service great looks and great eye protection. Wish I didn’t need Rx!


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