Gear Review: Caddis Waders

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By Andre Egli

I did a review of my wading boots a while back and I thought it only fitting to also do a review of my waders since the two go hand in hand.

My waders are a pair of Caddis Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Waders.  Much like my boots I was guided in my purchase by two factors, finding waders that fit my 6’6” frame and finding them at an affordable price.  I also wanted breathable waders because they are far more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than non-breathable waders (imagine wearing a latex glove for 8 hours, not comfortable).

Andre Fishing 2

Waist deep with my Caddis waders.

Waders in general have a very wide cost range.  I’ve seen them as cheap as $65 and as insanely expensive as these $800 Simms waders.  Seriously, for that price they should come with your own personal fishing guide.  The Caddis waders I have typically run from $90 – $110 depending on the size and retailer.  As with my boots I assumed this price would get me a decent pair of waders but not top of the line waders, and again I was correct.

Kern Part 1_1

Caddis waders come with the fisherman’s guide to exaggeration…

When you’re looking for waders finding a pair that fits you could be a problem.  People come in all shapes and sizes and since waders are one large continuous piece of clothing they might not fit you perfectly everywhere.  This is the case with my Caddis waders.  They miraculously are long enough to cover my 6’6” frame and 38” inseam but the waders that were long enough for me also came with a 43” chest, which is a tad big for me.  In the end the length was the most important factor for me as far as fit and these Caddis waders were one of the few affordable pairs that came in a size long enough to fit me.  Caddis also has a pretty handy sizing chart, which I found to be immensely helpful, check it out HERE.

Now, onto functionality.  These waders do the trick for me, they keep me dry (most important), and they’re comfortable.  Aside from the extra space around the chest, they fit me quite well.  They also have enough straps and things to tighten/loosen that they can be molded to fit most people and give you a comfortable fit.  The booties have built in gravel guards, which keep pebbles and stones out of your boots and are a very convenient little addition.  They also come with a repair kit for any potential issues (nice) and a free belt, which isn’t top quality but does its job adequately.  Caddis waders are also covered by a one-year warranty, so you’re covered if an issue arises.

As for durability I’m still not sure where I stand.  This is my second pair of these waders so I obviously like them, but there also must be a reason I’m on pair number two right?  One of the neoprene booties at the foot of the waders developed a hole and subsequently a leak on my first pair.  However, I don’t believe this is due to poor quality waders but rather poor backpack loading by yours truly.

Gear Review Caddis Waders_Eglis Outdoors-0894

Hole in my Caddis Waders

If you read our blog regularly, you know Crystal and I get out a lot, and I always try to have my fishing gear with me.  I think this hole was caused by the pliers on my fishing vest, which poked the hole under the weight of our tent deep inside my backpack.  This was entirely my fault for not being more careful when I packed my bag.  My Second pair has had no issues to date and I have been much more careful when packing them for a hike.

In conclusion, I really like my Caddis waders.  They didn’t break the bank and they keep me dry and warm while I fish.  If you’re a big person like me, Caddis’ extensive selection of sizes is a godsend and will definitely help in finding the right pair for you.  There are tons of waders out there so be sure to check out all your options and find the right pair.  But if you’re looking for a comfortable pair, in an obscure size, at a reasonable price, Caddis waders are a good place to start.

Until next time, happy fishing!

–          A. Egli

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