Hilariously Terrible National Park Reviews

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By Crystal Egli

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! For many folks this three day weekend marks the true beginning of summer; a season filled with camping, family BBQs, and road trips. We Eglis are no different. Right now we’re somewhere in South Dakota eating dehydrated dinners and hoping we brought the right thermo-rated sleeping bags. Our trip includes knocking 2 National Parks off our bucket-list, Wind Cave and Badlands. While we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the great outdoors, I thought it would be timely to compile a list of park reviews where people didn’t enjoy the boundless beauty Mother Nature was so kind to offer.

Denali 1

Denali National Park. Haven’t they learned to control the weather yet?


Glacier NP Review 1

A tourist complaining about too many tourists, at Glacier National Park.


Joshua Tree 1

Well this must be Joshua Tree.


Joshua Tree 2

Yup. Definitely Joshua Tree.


RMNP Review 1

Rocky Mountain National Park is so BORING when the Elk are “just laying around.” Has anyone tried poking them with a stick?


RMNP Review 2

Which RMNP Park Ranger is in charge of my car sickness?? I want my money back!


Yellowstone Review 1

Always judge a National Park by its gift shop. This one’s from Yellowstone.


Yellowstone Review 2

Can’t they make the bears come any closer?


Yosemite 1

I don’t know about you, but I always use National Parks as an Express Lane.


I can’t get enough of these, so if you find more online please quote them in the comments below!



Ugh, there’s, like, no cell service anywhere out here.


And lastly, I’ll remind you all to be safe and smart out there. Don’t stop to take pictures of bears, and don’t take selfies with bison unless you want a Darwin Award.

– C. Egli

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  1. This is hysterical! I also always read the reviews of natural places and am astounded at some of the things people complain about. At least I get to laugh at it, I suppose.


    • It truly is ridiculous! I didn’t even include some of the better known ones that are making the rounds on other lists. They include gems such as “ugh, no cell service” and “the trail was just dirt.” I’ll be collecting more over the next few months and post a Part II… Stay tuned! And thanks for your comment!


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