Roxborough State Park, Pt. 2

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By Crystal Egli

In my last post I talked about how great the Fountain Valley Loop Trail was. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out by clicking here. The Fountain Valley Loop is ADA accessible and has stunning views of the north side of the park. If you want to see the south side of the park and get in a little bit more of a hike, you’re gonna want to check out the South Rim Trail.

The South Rim trail does exactly as advertised… It’s a trail along the south rim of Roxborough State Park (RxSP), and gives you views of the beautiful red sandstone formations down in the valley. Like Fountain Valley Loop Trail, South Rim Trail also starts near the visitors center. Click here for the trail map.

Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3114


DISTANCE: 3 mile loop
DIFFICULTY: Easy-Moderate.

Click here for directions.

The first mile or so of the trail is very easy, but isn’t a flat, wide, gravel oasis like its sister, Fountain Valley Loop. That being said, it’s not difficult by any means.
With many turn offs for overlooks, this trail is a must-do for scenic photographers. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped to take panoramas of the sweeping vistas.


Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3107

Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3122

South Rim Trail boasts several sets of well maintained steps, and it’s a piece of cake to follow. After you wind your way around the valley for about a mile, you’ll start heading uphill, to the top of the Dakota Hogback, (the easternmost ridge of the Rocky Mountains.) From the top of the Dakota Hogback you can see alllll the way East to the horizon, and west to… Roxborough State Park.

No, it’s not tall enough for you to see into the heart of the Rockies, but man oh man, are the views of RxSP amazing.

Did you know the bright white words are links to hilarious comedy? 

Here are some photos that don’t do it justice:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We easily did both Fountain Valley Loop and South Rim Trail in one day, and we were able to see pretty much the whole park from just these two trails.


Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3220


There are a few other trails which cut through the park, but if you hit up at least these two you won’t be missing much.


Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3230

View from the summit looking East.

Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3126

Still looking East, different camera. Cooler clouds.


And check out this 10 second video timelapse from the top:

The last mile of trail heads down toward the auxiliary parking lot, which is only a few hundred yards from the main lot of the visitors center and the trailhead you began at.


Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3231


No dogs, horses, or bikes allowed. As with all Colorado State Parks, you’ll need a $7 entrance fee or a $70 annual pass to get in. There is a beautiful, centrally located visitors center, which borders on being a mini-museum. The visitor center has bathrooms, water fountains, maps, photography, educational activities for the wee ones, and a friendly neighborhood volunteer. Parking is available, but limited, so be sure to get there early for a spot.


Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_-3232


Roxborough State Park_EglisOutdoors_Crystal Sign.jpg

If you are in the Denver area this is an awesome State Park you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget the camera!

– C. Egli

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