Death of a Rod

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By Andre Egli

DEATH! It comes for us all; there is no escaping it. For some it comes much too soon (MLK, Abraham Lincoln) and for others it just can’t come soon enough (Donald Trump, Justin Bieber). And the other day it came far too soon for my cherished companion who was always with me and who shared countless hours of fun with me. Yes, death came for my favorite fly rod, my Redington Pursuit 8’6” 5wt.


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The psychological community agrees that there are five stages people go through when dealing with a loss as tragic as this:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

I had a brief moment of denial but it was hard to deny that I was holding the tip of my beloved rod in my hand.


Denial is a terrible thing…


So let’s move on to anger.

Oh yes, I was angry. The words I spoke aloud were not for children’s ears. For anyone who has ever lost their favorite lure, broken their favorite rod, broken their favorite pair of polarized sunglasses the anger springs forth like a burst dam. But once we get all those swear words out and the children have been escorted away by their parents we can move on to bargaining.

It wasn’t even that big of a fish, how could this happen?! I didn’t pull that hard on the snag! But all the bargaining in the world can’t reaffix the tip of the rod. So we move on to depression.

I haven’t gone fishing since it happened. I have backup rods but it’s just not the same. Nearly every fish I’ve caught over the last 4 years was with that rod. The memories we’ve shared, the big ones that got away, the trophies we landed, how could I go on without it by my side. The thought of being out on the water without it, I just can’t do it. But eventually we move on to the final stage; acceptance.



Redington Lifetime Guarantee


Then I remember that I have a lifetime warranty, which I mentioned in the review of my rod a few weeks back. There’s no need for all this denial, anger, bargaining, and depression. I can just ship it back to Redington and they’ll send me a replacement! Life is worth living again! In just a week or two, I’ll have a new rod and I’ll be back on the water with more adventures to share.




So, until next time, happy fishing!

– A. Egli

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