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By Crystal Egli

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This picture was stolen from the interwebs.

I just learned about something really cool on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. Organized by Americas State Parks and promoted heavily by the American Hiking Society, is a nation-wide event coming up on Friday, called “First Day Hikes“, the goal of which is to get people to go out and hike on the first day of the year. But wait, there’s more!

Event Cost: All FDH events are free, you just pay for admission into the State Park which is, like, $7. 

For those of you still luxuriating on Christmas vacation, Friday is New Years Day. I don’t know about you, but we Eglis plan on spending the day outdoors! And what better way than to head out to a local state park for a First Day Hike, one of 100’s of group hikes led by Park Rangers around the nation. I don’t know about your state, but the Colorado Parks Foundation loves this idea so much they’ve awarded First Day Hikes (which I will be abbreviating to FDH from now on due to laziness) grant money so they can bribe you into joining with fun prizes like camping mugs and windshield wiper scrapers. Not only that, but many locations are offering hot chocolate and cookies at the end! If that’s not a reason to go buy new snowshoes I don’t know what is. Seriously, I’m probably going to get these just for the occasion.

Event Locations: Find a First Day Hike near you by clicking here.

First Day Hikes 1

It might be cold, but Instagramming fun pics your friends are jealous of will make you feel warm again.

A percentage of you will undoubtedly be spending New Years Day recovering from the night before, and I respect that. But for those of you who are like us here at Eglis Outdoors, New Years Eve night extends until maaaabye 10:00, at which point you decide that having watched the ball drop in New York is good enough even in Mountain Time, and you hit the hay. In that case, head to this website, find a local First Day Hike near you, (oh crap, forgot to abbreviate,) and head on out into the big outdoors. There are hikes for all ages and abilities, anything from short flat hikes you can do in flip flops to difficult mountain treks that require snowshoes and poles, and every level in between. Just make sure to check the website before you go for the locations and times, and double check if you need to sign up ahead of time. (Some you do, some you don’t.)

Start the year out right! I’ve heard hiking is an excellent cure for hangovers.

– C. Egli


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