Winter Fishing – Clear Creek

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By Andre Egli

DATE: 11/12/15

FLOW: 20 cfs

ROD: Redington Pursuit 8’6” 5wt

SET UP: 9’ leader with a double nymph rig w/strike indicator (Olive Hare’s Ear Nymph and Zebra Midge)

Clear Creek Winter-2905

Clear Creek, Golden, CO

Clear Creek Winter-2907

Clear Creek

Clear Creek must really have it out for me. I just can’t catch a break at this place. I’ve now been to Clear Creek three times and every time I’ve dealt with inclement weather. Twice I’ve had to deal with 20+ mph winds and most recently bitter, bitter cold.


As winter sets in here in Colorado we are refusing to give up on fly fishing. There are tail water areas open year round and Crystal and I will be hitting up those locations as the temperature drops, but I thought I could get a few more treks in before everything else froze. So, I headed back to Clear Creek and froze myself.


Clear Creek Winter-2908

Winter – Clear Creek

This was my first attempt at winter fly fishing since we didn’t get a lot of winters in Southern California. The day I went, air temperatures in the afternoon were around 35 degrees. It was COLD. And subsequently the fish were not very active. I nymphed the creek for about 3 hours and only caught a single brown trout. Eventually, my toes were too cold to continue. I have to remember my long johns and to double up my socks next time.

Although the weather and fish weren’t overly cooperative, the scenery was spectacular. There was a fresh dusting of snow on everything, which made for some wonderful photographs. Clear Creek might have my number so far, but when the ice melts I’ll be back and ready to try again. Until next time, happy fishing!

– A. Egli

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