Golden Ponds Park & Nature Area

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By Crystal Egli


DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Super duper easy. All flat as a pancake.

DISTANCE: Up to 5 miles of trail.

Located in Longmont, Colorado, Golden Ponds & Nature Area is just one of the many local park and wildlife areas that the Boulder/Denver suburbs have to offer. It’s the first open space I had a chance to explore when we moved from LA, and I love it. Parking is easy to find at the end of 3rd street, and there are well maintained bathrooms, a water fountain, and a covered picnic area right at the trailhead.

Golden Pond Panorama_2

With about 5 miles of open trails, GP&NA offers a beautiful place for walkers, runners and bikers. Most of the paths are paved so you won’t need to get your fancy new road bike dirty.

Golden Ponds_-0013

Golden Ponds_-0021

Golden Ponds_-0030


Frequented by people of all ages and athletic abilities, this is a great place for a wide range of recreational activities. There are wide open paths making it easy to pass slow pokes, closed in areas where it looks like you’re secluded in a forest, and a big waterfall so you can pretend you’re in ‘Last of the Mohicans‘. I’ve seen kids playing, serious exercisers exercising, bird watchers watching birds, people fishing, professional photographers camped out by the river, and last but certainly not least, people walking their dogs. (Are we the ONLY people in Colorado without a dog??) Everyone looks happy, and the paths are wide enough so you never feel crowded, or like people are in your way.

Here’s some photos from around the park.

Golden Ponds_-0033 Golden Ponds_-0035 Golden Ponds_-0039 Golden Ponds_-0047 Golden Ponds_-0052 Golden Ponds_-0054 Golden Ponds_-0058  Golden Ponds_-0068

Golden Ponds_-0078


This is definitely a great place for a morning run or after work walk, making this a great Humpday Hike, (a walk or hike you can easily do in the middle of the work week.) If you’re in the area be sure to check it out!

– C. Egli

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