Clear Creek Fly Fishing

By Andre

By Andre Egli

DATE: 10/27/15

FLOW: 75 cfs

ROD: Redington Pursuit 8’6” 5wt

SET UP: 9’ leader with a dry/dropper rig (Stimulator and a bead head Zug Bug)


If you’ve ever watched an NFL game on TV I’m sure you’ve seen a Coors Light commercial with Sam Elliott talking about how they only use clear, refreshing Rocky Mountain water and that Coors is “Born in the Rockies”. Well that clean, clear, refreshing Rocky Mountain water they’re talking about is Clear Creek, which flows from the mountains down towards Denver and through Golden, Colorado the home of Coors Brewing Company.

Clear Creek-2896

Clear Creek – Golden, CO

Clear Creek-2900

The nice long runs.

Let me start by saying that Clear Creek isn’t much of a creek, it’s pretty much a river. Having never been there before but having visited St. Vrain and Boulder Creek, I didn’t expect Clear Creek to be as big and beautiful as it was, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has long runs, deep pools, and great pocket water. Sadly the day I went also had horrible weather. When I pulled over it was sunny and 60 degrees. But a front moved in and it was soon raining and very windy.

Clear Creek-2899

“This pool”.

Most of the fish were holding in pocket water, since there was quite a bit of current where I was fishing. The problem was getting a good presentation with the strong current and the high winds. I did what I could in the conditions and managed to find a few fish but nothing big, most were 6” – 8”. However, given the size of the “creek” I’m sure there are plenty of decent sized fish in there. I did hook something nice in this pool (pictured left) but it spit my barbless hook before I got it to the surface.

Clear Creek appears to be an excellent fishery and it’s less than 20 miles from downtown Denver. This proximity to the city also means that it receives a lot of fishing pressure, but don’t let that discourage you. I will definitely be back soon and hopefully the weather will cooperate for take two. I’ll be sure to write another post about my redo but until then happy fishing!

– A. Egli

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