Gear Review: Hiking Boots (Mens) – Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

By Andre

By Andre Egli

PROS: Inexpensive, durable, comfortable, waterproof, good tread

CONS: Heavy

COST: $80-$90

When Crystal and I decided to take up backpacking many years ago, I went to all the outdoor stores looking for hiking boots; REI,, Cabela’s, Fontana, etc. The problem was I’m huge, 6’6″, and wear a size 15, and most of these places didn’t carry anything in my size at their brick and mortar stores, only online. Now if any of you have ever ordered shoes online without trying them on you know it can be a scary proposition since shoes are all about comfort especially when they’re for hiking. But I went out on a limb and ordered a pair of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots and I’m glad I did.

Newton Ridge Plus

Not only do they fit my giant feet perfectly, they are very comfortable. They’re also waterproof, which has come in handy a lot since I love to fish and will rock hop around rivers when I don’t have my waders with me. They’re made of very robust leather and can stand up to almost anything you can dish out. I’ve had this pair for over 4 years now and have logged over 250 hiking miles in them and they hardly show any wear.  A lot of reviews you’ll read are based on fresh out of the box products, but I’ve put these boots through the rigger and I still love them.


Columbia Hiking Boots

The high quality construction does come with a slight drawback of weight. Each boot typically weights over a pound, but when you’re wearing a size 15, like me, you expect your shoes to weigh a little bit more anyway.  Regardless, it’s a minor drawback and the durability more than makes up for it.

All and all I would definitely recommend these Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots. They’re pretty inexpensive for hiking boots, typically going for between $80-$90, and they’re well made and will last you a long time.  For all the lady hikers out there they also make these in women’s sizes. So if you’re looking for high quality hiking boots at a decent price look no further!

– A. Egli

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  1. Would they bear the weight of crampons?


  2. Check out the mini-review on the site below which rates them at #2, and states “Strap on crampons in the snow or go splashing through the mud – your Newton Ridge boots will be ready for it all.” (Note that the #1 and #2 boot names are switched but the description puts the Newton Ridge at #2 for them.)


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