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Where to find Joy on the Water

The very first time I went fly fishing was with my wife in Telluride, Colorado on the Merced River (post to come). For my 30th birthday, my sisters had gotten us a guide and we decided to try something new. We spent 4 hours on the river and our guide did everything in his power but we couldn’t catch a fish. My wife and I could’ve quit right then a there and said, “Enough of this s***, it’s too hard.” But we didn’t. We went out by ourselves for the rest of the day and low and behold my wife caught a brook trout. Now some guys would’ve been pissed…

Clear Creek Fly Fishing

If you’ve ever watched an NFL game on TV I’m sure you’ve seen a Coors Light commercial with Sam Elliott talking about how they only use clear, refreshing Rocky Mountain water and that Coors is “Born in the Rockies”. Well that clean, clear, refreshing Rocky Mountain water they’re talking about is Clear Creek, which flows from the mountains down towards Denver and through Golden, Colorado the home of Coors Brewing Company.


Gear Review: Hiking Boots (Mens) – Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

When Crystal and I decided to take up backpacking many years ago, I went to all the outdoor stores looking for hiking boots; REI, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, etc. The problem was I’m huge, 6’6″, and wear a size 15, and most of these places didn’t carry anything in my size at their brick and mortar stores, only online. Now if any of you have ever ordered shoes online without trying them on you know it can be a scary proposition since shoes are all about comfort especially when they’re for hiking. But I went out on a limb and ordered a pair of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots and I’m glad I did.