Fishing Tips – Introduction & Terminology


Non-expert Andre caught a brown trout.

Andre Profile Pic

By Andre Egli

Before we start I want to throw out some of the basic terms fly fishers use. If you’re an experienced fly fisher you can skip this and move onto my tips but if you’re new to the sport listen up.  These are the bare bones definitions of the terms, experts can ramble on and on about each of these but this is the basic gist:

Lies – Places in the water where fish are located.

Riffle – An area of fast moving, turbulent water usually located in a relatively shallow area.

Run – An area of water with a decent current but not as turbulent as a riffle.

Pool – A deep section of water with minimal current.

Pocket Water – An area of calm water in the midst of turbulent water. These areas are typically formed by structures such as boulders.

Pocket Pool Riffle Run


Nymph – Subsurface flies that are intended to resemble the larva stages of insects.

Dry Fly – Flies that float on the surface of the water and are intended to resemble adult versions of insects.

Streamers – Subsurface flies that are intended to resemble baitfish.

Dry Flies Nymphs Streamers

Alright, those are the basics. I’m sure more terms will pop up in my tips and if you ever have any questions just leave them in the comments section. Now onwards and upwards!

Andre Fishing 2

Fly Fishing – Kern River

– A. Egli

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  1. Really helpful information. I think that you spend a lot of time to prepare for this. I found many useful tips and advice here. I love fishing and almost every week I go for it. Your guides may help me catching more fish. Thanks for your great work!


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