Fly Fishing Big Thompson River

By Andre

By Andre Egli

Date: 10/10/15 & 10/13/15

Big Thompson River_-2812

Big Thompson River

Flow: 30 cfs

Rod: Redington Pursuit 8’6” 5wt

Set up: 9’ leader with a dry/dropper rig (Royal PMX and a bead head Green Rock Worm)

If you’re looking to catch some nice sized trout without venturing a great distance to do so the Big Thompson River is a good bet.  Despite the water level being low there was still some flow and a lot of deep pools that were holding some very nice fish.  I fished in the same stretch just up the road from the town of Drake twice last week. My first trip I landed 7 nice fish (5 browns and 2 rainbows) in just over 4 hours of fishing. My second time up was a bit slower and I only landed 2 but both were very robust rainbows.

Big Thompson River_-2817

Big Thompson Rainbow Trout

The majority of the fish were sitting tight to structure but still actively feeding.  Surprisingly they seemed more interested in my dry fly than my nymph. I used a few different dries but a Royal PMX seemed to work the best. Subsurface I had equal success with a zug bug and a green rock worm pattern.

The fish themselves were very healthy. The majority were in the 10″-15″ range but I pulled in 3 rainbows that were closer to 18″. I’m positive there are many fish in this river over 20″ and I’m on a quest to land a few of them.

All and all the Big Thompson is an excellent trout fishery with some very large fish in it. And it’s just a short drive from northern Denver. There is a lot of private land along the river so keep your eyes peeled for No Trespassing signs and be courteous to the land owners. If you enjoy big fish,

Big Thompson River_-2815

Big Thompson Rainbow

and let’s be honest what fisherman doesn’t, the big Thompson is definitely worth your time!

Let me know if there’s anything I’m leaving out or more info I can supply and I’ll be sure to add it to future posts. Happy fishing!

-A. Egli

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